Writing a bio for yourself always feels a little awkward. I will save you from the standard photographer profile written by me in third person. Let me start by saying that I am a loving partner to my girl first, a Dad second and photographer third. I have two awsome, noisy little boys with another on the way, woohoo.

Photos are important. I inherited my first slr from Dad when  I was 14, a minolta x300. The world looked so timeless through the 3:2 frame with the black edges, I used to shoot everything. Dad never grumbled and always payed for the film and processing. I completed my formal photography studies at the Morningside college of art in 1996 with a Degree in Photography.

Why photography? I just loved the documentation process, the chemistry, the groovy equipment, watching an image appear in front of you, it was like magic.

How would I describe my portrait style? ...Intuitive, honest portraiture with a social documentary, fine art perspective specializing in natural light. Creating a visual story with a start, middle and an end, incorporating still life, landscape and abstract. I am looking for real moments, nothing else will do.

Why hire a Pro? A Pro is skilled, experienced and qualified. Photography is a trade, a skill which is fine tuned by years, decades, lifetimes of trial and error. You are always learning. If you strip away all the expensive equipment it comes back to a state of mind, a way looking at the world.

True photographers take their cameras everywhere, it’s an obligation to document the world. I turn 40 next year so I suppose I have had a camera in my hand for nearly 26 years, still have never dropped a lens or a body, touch wood.

I try to avoid manipulating the subject.  If I could make myself invisible I would, but I can’t because I am 6ft4 so I do the best I can to remain subjective, at a distance where you can see the world honestly and with empathy without affecting the subject. You can see another side of my professional work here.

If you like my work please like us on Facebook and tell your friends.  Thanks for reading, please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss any photography needs you may have.

Regards Nigel

  • Joan Clarke - Hi Nigel, wondered if you were still at the markets, just wondering if the photos I bought this morning, may be able to be changed for TWO larger photos. Think they may give a stronger impression on the viewers to these magnificent photos you have taken. I think the larger ones were $45 each or am I wrong?kind regards ….Joan Clarke. The lady wanting to put them in her unit. My phone no is
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    • admin - Hi John, Yep you can come and change them over. NReplyCancel

  • Angeline - Please contact me regarding an event we are having at Bistro C, Noosa on Friday 11 November.

    Amy Thin at Bistro C gave has recommended you and I emailed you over a week ago. Please let me know if you’re not interested.

    I hope to hear from you.
    With thanks,
    Angeline Collings

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  • Neva Mcfarland - Keep on writing, great job! lords mobilehacks4uReplyCancel

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