After what seemed like months of non stop rain the skys cleared for these two on this day. In the moment it seemed like a miracle. Emily and Nick scored the most perfect afternoon in one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Queensland, the headland at Double Island Point. It’s not the easiest place to get to, but often the difficult path offers great reward. It seems fitting for these two who spend their lives working and playing on the water that the great pacific ocean would be the backdrop for the start of their journey together. Congratulations Emily and Nick and to your families. So happy for you both. Enjoy your images. N

Inskip…continued. Ivan & Susanne – Kenilworth

What do you get when the Germans and the Australians get together to celebrate a wedding? One heck of a party. More atmosphere than a music festival, more  lighting than a U2 concert and more beer than Oktoberfest. Throw in live music on an amazing property in the Kenilworth hinterland on a perfect Autumn afternoon, classic country roast dinner and a moon rise over the valley. It was a real joy to document this day, good luck in the future, I hope you enjoy the images, thanks for having me. Nige

Bon Iver – Holocene


Ivan & Susanne – Inskip Point Qld.

On this perfect Autumn’s day at Inskip Point two families from opposite sides of the world joined together through marriage. Congratulations to Ivan and Susanne and their families as a new chapter in their story begins. The wedding was in two parts, a midday ceremony at Inskip Point and the after party at the Kenilworth farm two days later. One thing is for sure the beer will be cold, there will be dancing and one heck of an after party. After a month of wet weather, the planets seemed to align for these guys, the weather was perfect. Congratulations on a beautiful wedding, may you both always have sand in your shoes.

…to be continued, Kenilworth

Sand in my shoes – Dido

…to be continued, Kenilworth.

It’s not everyday you turn 50. Happy Birthday Chris. Destination Noosa, Hasting St, Bistro C, 12:00pm, Friday the 11th of December. I live at Coolum Beach only 20 min down the road. Shoot starts at 12:00pm, if I leave home at 11:00am we have plenty of time to get there early, scope out the light and get settled in. I hit the little bridge behind the Sheraton and it’s gridlock, like Pitt St, Sydney. My inner voice is saying “You’re dreaming son if you think you’re getting a park.” After going 10 meters in 10 minutes, I call Angeline, “It seems I can’t get a park in Noosa.” “No worries Nigel, just go down to the…”, long story short we got a park. Rocked up just in time.

Bistro C, Noosa. Such a great venue, right on the beach, super friendly staff, amazing kitchen, 5 star food, all the drinks you could ever want, attention to detail and old school service. This was a 2 hour, birthday/family reunion shoot, right down my alley. My style is social documentary, with classic portraiture, still life, lifestyle and landscape. A day in the life. Thanks for having me, here’s a wee tune for the soul.

03 Holocene  Please play me.

JUNE SWELL 2016. When a swell like this hits, as a surf photographer, you drop everything and go…which was easier before the three kids. There’s nothing worse than missing a swell for whatever reason, every surf photographer knows the feeling. Had to work, had the flu, had the kids, had a hangover, had a holiday and while your gone your local spot goes off. “swell of the decade dude, hope you got some shots” damn…I have no shots, I was in Adelaide, whatever. It’s all part of the deal. For every good session you score you miss just as many. Unless your 21, live in your car and spend the winter months free camping up and down the east coast, even with the internet, life has a way of getting in the way.

Generally it works like this. You missed the first day of the swell, the biggest day, you see awesome shots on facebook, inside your like “Arrrggghh, cant believe I missed it”. So you spend the next day driving around like a mad bastard trying to make up for the shots you missed yesterday. Meanwhile you overhear a hundred stories of how ‘sick’ it was yesterday. That’s it, I am never missing s swell again. So for the next two weeks you check the surf everyday but there’s nothing. Whats that? 2 months of northerlies on the way. I will check back in November, oh well I will be ready next June.

That being said I did have the kids on Sunday morning, I knew it was pumping, in my head I was thinking la la la, so I missed that session but I got out there at 3 ish in the arvo. I went straight to the my local at Yaroomba, shot around to Coolum and found an elevated position and snuck in a few lineups. I have not seen lines like that for a while, they were to the horizon. Back down the hill to the Coolum Surf Club and into a James squire pale ale while I shoot the surf from the deck. The tide was low, the offshore was howling and the barrels were huge and perfect, what a spectacle.

Hope you enjoy the pics, you can always find us at the Eumundi Markets every Saturday on the lower terrace. We now stock exhibition quality A4 & A3 fine art prints, plus every other manner of quality artwork printed and processed by your truly.

If you would like a print the easiest was is to order them online using our website. Its super easy and for the month of June we will throw in free shipping on all rolled prints and canvas, use this code ‘FREESHIP’ at checkout. Any questions please email, feel free to comment or share, Till next time hi5, thanks for looking. N

Coolum Pumping, Sunday Afternoon.

Monday morning at the Reef,  Moffats Beach.

Maroochy River mouth looking North, Monday morning.

In front of the Coolum Surfclub, Sunday afternoon.

Sunshine Beach Wednesday morning.

Moffats, Tuesday morning

In front of the Coolum Surfclub, Sunday afternoon.

Coolum Sunday arvo.

Sunrise Beach, Wednesday morning.

Mudjimba Beach, Monday morning

Sunrise Beach, Wednesday morning.

Peregian Beach, Wednesday morning.

Maroochydore Monday morning.

Stand up barrels, Sunshine Beach, Wednesday morning.

Coolum Beach, Sunday arvo.
Moffats, Tuesday morning high tide.

Moffats, Tuesday morning high tide.

Sunshine Beach, Wednesday morning still had some pumping sets roll through.

Moffats, Tuesday morning.

Sunshine Beach, Tuesday morning.

Peregian Beach, Wednesday morning.

Sunshine Beach, Tuesday morning.

DSC_8796The Bluff, Maroochydore, Tuesday morning.

Pt Carties, Tuesday morning. Thanks for looking. N